Friday, January 19, 2007

An open letter to Keith Olberman

Dear Mr. Olberman
Let me salute your courage, congratulate you on your ratings and raise a toast to your continued health.
No one else in the kind of position you are in, an anchor on a popular Main Stream Media news program, has had the integrity to speak the truth as you do. Or the courage to take the risk.
Out here, we half-joke that our most honest News analysis is delivered by two comedians and a sportscaster. And it's probably no surprise that a sportscaster would call 'em like he sees 'em. Mark Twain said that the only hard facts in the newspaper are the box scores in the Sports section. You can't spin a horserace, it's win, place or show.
I would like to invite you to an event that you would be welcome to speak at and where you would find a very appreciative audience, but it is your Journalistic Trade that would do the most good for the most people. Please come to Washington DC on the 27th of January and cover the Anti-War event that will happen there. It will be a sensational scoop, since the rest of the MSM will be somewhere else trying for another Britney Spears crotch-shot or some other titillation. One Million People, angry enough, well informed enough, fed up enough to get off the couch, get out of their comfort zone, spend money out of pocket and travel to (for many) a distant city to exercise their Freedom! It's a Hell of a sight!
And not one of the Major Networks or Cable News organizations will be there.
How do I know? Because we have had well over half a million people on the mall several times since before Shock&Awe and no one from the Big Media covered the events! NO ONE!
The January 27th March is one of several days that will be quite newsworthy and maybe even entertaining. Monday the 29th, Code Pink and several other organizations are setting up lobbying meetings with every member of congress, constituents from every Reps' district. (Sunday will be devoted to training the lobbyists in protocol, et cetera)
Throughout all of this, there will be Raging Grannies, Veterans for Peace, Cindy Sheehan and her whole orbit. Probably Eton Thomas and Jello Biafra. There's easily 55 minutes of interest here. You could do several segments just on Medea Benjamin, Anne Wright and Cindy and her Gold Star Moms, the Iraq Vets and Military Families Speak Out, Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter. These are people that the American Public should know, not just as some iconic wacko characters in the ditch in Crawford but as the deep powerful articulate thoughtfull knowledgeable people they are. And if some of the more colorful hecklers attend, you may get to see a Worst Person in the World in action, Fred Phelps and his warped gang curse us AND the Army!?! go figure.
Did you know that there had been several large anti-war demonstrations In DC and New York? Most people don't. And many of the people that have come out, have gone home to find out that their act of courage and civic duty was completely ignored, first by the Media and therefore, by the general public and of course, by the misAdminstration that we are trying to reach. Having stood in the freezing cold, in a crowd of well over three quarters of a million people, packing 30 or 40 blocks of Washington's streets then hearing on the radio going home that "a few thousand protestors had been on the Mall" has made me and many of my fellow Americans rather contemptuous of the MSM as they've fallen all over themselves to outFox FOX.
You have surprised America with your candor, you give those of us in the Peace Movement hope that there might be a crack in the wall.
Wait a minute, you say, What Peace Movement?
We're here and we have been right from the start. Jack Murtha? Johnny-come-lately. Hillary, Kerry, Reid and Pelosi, way (too) late to the party. Iraq Vets Against the War, obviously post Shock&Awe. Even Cindy Sheehan wasn't active 'til her son was taken, that was long AFTER the January 18th 03 march. (That was a world-wide day of protest, BTW, millions of people around the world joined US to try to prevent the fiasco we're in).
We exist, we organize, we gather, march and demonstrate and still, we hear pundits belaboring the meme that there is "no anti-war movement". How could that be?
Because there are no news crews, no trucks, no Times or Post or Tribune reporters, our events, our very existence, are not covered. And if it doesn't happen on MainStream Tv, it didn't happen!
Hello, we now represent the mainstream, that is, the bulk of the American population has come around to our view that this war is wrong and must stop Now. That we want our Troops Home Now.
But even though we have the agreement of more than two thirds of our fellow citizens, including our troops, we are somehow not newsworthy?!?
So I offer you an Invitation to a Scoop. Please come to DC. If ever there was a time that a media news personality was needed, this is it. If ever there is a time that your megaphone could really have an impact for the good of all, this is that time. Just showing the American People that there are a million Citizens that are willing to risk standing up in Bush's America would burst the Rovian Blackout on News-Cheney-doesn't-want-to-hear. This is the Ultimate "at long last, have you no decency, sir?" Moment.
It would be a courageous act. One that resonates with 200 million people and will long be remembered.
And that should put your ratings through the roof. Permanently.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

OMG -- I'm reading back on some of your old posts and you're praising Olbermann without knowing that in his rants, he is CHANNELLING HOWARD BEALE! You know, by this time in human civilsation, everything being done now has a precedent in the past. Well, "Network" is the precedent for K.O., and also "reality" TV programmes, and the total corporatisation of the broadcast media. You definitely should watch it. And no, I do not have a financial interest in the flick.