Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another letter to my Senator, for whatever good it's worth

Senator Dodd,
I understand you are considering running for the Presidency in '08, like a lot of other people are. The article I read in the Washington Post focused from start to finish on money. Specifically your ability to muscle money out of the industry that you will be in charge of regulating.
Do yourself and all of US a favor.
Don't fundraise on Wall Street.
Don't even throw your hat in the ring.
If you want people to elect you to that higher office, prove to US that you have better ethics and a better plan than the looters that we just kicked out. We need protection from corporations that bought and paid for the Republican party and through that leverage, wrote legislation that's made them fat at our expense. Don't take corporate money and then triangulate and compromise so that they are cushioned. That's exactly the trash we are intent on hosing out of DC.
Refuse their money and undo the damage that they have already inflicted over the past 25 years.
When National Health is on the table, the Insurance companies and the Financial institutions should have no place at the table. They are irrelevant to healthcare, in fact, they are detrimental. They should be diving for the exits, not buying another political party.
Likewise, when the bankruptcy bill is re-overhauled, this time Big Finance cannot be the only voice that is heard. The way it was written (was it Goldman-Sachs or Morgan-Stanley?) in 2005 makes corporate bankruptcy easier to use and recover from while making personal bankruptcy a punitive nightmare, disallowing asset shelter, even domicile sheltering. No corporation can be made homeless, but families can, but, Hey, weren't those bonuses spectacular on Wall Street this year!
In the coming collapse of the economy, as the housing bubble deflates, People will need protection from a predatory industry.

Get it for them.
You've been on this committee a long time, you must know where the bodies are buried. Prove that you are not for sale.
If you take the lead on these kinds of issues, publicly swear off PAC money and advocate aggressively for the People, turn K-Street into a ghost town, You might just end up on Pennsylvania Avenue yet.
If not, considering your disastrous vote giving Cheney/Rummy/Wolfie the green light for this God-Awful cock-up in South West Asia and your support for Joe Lie berman, you can't count on carrying Connecticut in the next cycle, no matter how much money you can raise.
BTW, I heard from Joe Courtney that you are writing a bill to establish Habeas Corpus as the law of the land. That is great news! After 702 years, it's about time!
Hopefully it'll turn out better that the 'McCain OK's Torture' bill.
It could be presented as one of a series of very simple bills, affirming basic principles, such as Habeas, the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, the Right to Vote and have your vote be verifiably counted, Establishing Personhood as referring only to flesh-and-blood persons, Re-Affirming The Geneva Convention and the Treaty of Westphalia. (I know, these are what we thought was settled law, but...) Make them bills that can be read aloud in thirty seconds, simple, unequivocal and basic (as all bills would be, if I ran the circus). There should be no controversy over these basic precepts, they should pass unanimously, no?

Make Bush veto the basic American Canon or sign the very laws that will convict him. That would bring his agenda to a screeching halt and make ending his fiasco in Iraq and the disgrace of Guantanamo happen sooner.
You wouldn't have to campaign. Or Fund-raise.

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