Monday, April 17, 2006

I guess there was a national holiday today, one I'd never heard of, Patriots Day. Funny that I could have missed it all these years, because it celebrates the day we'd finally had enough and we took up arms against George the Tyrant. Paul Revere's ride, the Battles of Lexington and Concord, shots heard 'round the world.
If I'da known, I'da worn me tri-cornered hat!
(I always liked Guy Falkes day, too)
In middle school, when I was learning about the revolution, I lived in Cambridge. I walked the freedom trail and stood on the bridge in Concord. I heard historians talk about the ingenious Patriot fighters that sniped from behind stone walls and didn't line up in the old world way, how the British Uniforms with their red jackets and white webbing forming an X in the middle were perfect targets, the Patriots wore whatever clothes they had, looked just like the rest of the colonists.
My guess is if they'd had IEDs, they would have used 'em.

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