Sunday, April 16, 2006

bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran
You can hear them singing in certain offices around the DC Metro.
As if the illegal disaster in Iraq wasn't bad enough (and don't forget the FUBAR in Afghanistan), Sy Hersh detailed the Thugs' plans for starting World War 4. While that may have been a trial balloon, I wouldn't bet against it.
Folks, Iraq was our Sudetenland. The Brits have kept us from being labeled a rogue state, but attacking Iran would unite the entire world against US.
Even if they used conventional weapons, the Fallout would be catastrophic.
Imagine, for a second, how long we could hold out without imported oil.
Or maybe, imported anything.
Or any foreign investment.
150 000 US troops and a bunch of civilians are in Iraq and they have a huge amount of materiel with them. How many do you think we'd lose? 50%? 25?
And where does that leave the security of our own nation?
Out of gas, food riots, looting, about like Baghdad?
How ironic, I never suspected that the real anarchists would be Republicans.

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